Generally work best with demands for high quality labels requiring prompt attention. This is accomplished by a highly-qualified crew that enjoys being challenged.

Photo: Printed Labels

Prime Labels – The day to day “bread and butter” labels used on grocery products, breads, industrial goods, etc. We are able to put together art, create the bar codes and scan them for reliability before the labels ever leave our plant. We don’t solicit same day service, but under the right circumstances it is available to loyal customers who might find their “ox in a ditch.”

4-Color Process Labels – We can take your files and make whatever color corrections might be necessary for 4-color process printed labels. A color proof can be shown if you require a hard copy; a PDF can be furnished if you have computer software to open it. After your approval, we can output color separated negatives ready to make your plates.

Photo: Printing Labels

We’ll normally print with process plates made for 133 line screens. We use hybrid screening to produce outstanding 4-color process work. All processes are controlled in-house.

Hot Stamping & Laser Die Cutting – Is done on two letterpress machines. These presses can re-register even labels printed by other processes, to let us embellish with a selection of hundreds of leaf patterns (such as silver or gold) on high quality wine, potpourri, cosmetic and food labels. These presses also lets us blind emboss or deboss at the time we are hot stamping.

Warehouse – Daniel Label maintains ample inventories of just about every label stock you can imagine. This includes paper stock, fluorescents, polyester, polypropylenes (BOPP), static cling, vinyls, laminates as well as tag (non-pressure-sensitive) stocks. Adhesives include permanent, removable, cold temp., all temp, etc. Daniel Label does not shop for “close-out specials” or discounted products. For our peace of mind and that of our customers, each roll is fresh from a respected paper mill.

Slitting – We have our own slitting capabilities. Demands for immediate service made this an absolute necessity. We can slit up to 60” masters as they come from the mills.


12 color Performance Series press is currently being installed.