Digital Printing

Photo: H-P Indigo Digital Press

Daniel Label boasts what is probably the most complete and unique pressroom in North America devoted to digitally printed pressure-sensitive labels. This capability came about because of the need for short-run, high quality pressure-sensitive labels with instant demand. There are three primary pieces of equipment involved to make this possible:

H-P Indigo Digital Press: The outstanding feature of this 7-color press is that it doesn't use printing plates. A computer file properly formatted is all that is required. It also has the capability of changing each label as the web stream is fed through the press. This is not suited for long runs, but each label will be in perfect registration. This lets us do prototypes, or as few as 2 or 3 labels, if that is all that is required. This equipment is made in Israel with support of Hewlett-Packard, which now owns Indigo.

UV Coating and Lamination: Accomplished on equipment of Canadian manufacture. Each label off the digital press will require a finish to protect the surface of the inks and this equipment provides that.

Photo: Digital Labels

Laser Die-Cutting: This 3 rd piece of equipment complete the pressroom and probably holds the most interest to the uninitiated. Made in Italy , this was only the 2 nd laser die-cutter the firm had sold in North America .

The equipment die-cuts with amazing accuracy without the use of expensive rotary die-cutting tools. The same computer disk that told the H-P Indigo press what to print also tells the die-cutter where to cut the shape around the labels. Again, this procedure is not suited for long runs, but is ideally suited for short runs and prototypes.